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About Japan Poker Tour JapanPokerTour is national scale Poker tournament that has been held since 2011. It is held twice a year, and it is composed by three events. Players who played good on JapanPokerTour will be invited to tournaments as Japanese representative players. These tournaments are the live tournaments that Poker Stars hosts, such as Macau Poker Cup(MPC), Asia Pacific Poker Tour(APPT),Asia ChampionshipOf Poker(ACOP).
Final & Satellites Each Japan Poker Tour event will hold satellites and final sections. In order to take part in the final section, the player need to participate in Online satellite held by PokerStars and be qualified for the final section.
How to take part in live sattelite or online sattelite To participate in live sattelite, please confirm the dates on JapanPokerTouur website.
The method to participate in online sattelite Make an account for PokerStars, and enroll in a regional tournament.( click Tourney and Regional) PokerStars download: for windows PokerStars download: for mac How to make an account: here Online sattelites are composed by three stages; Stage1, Stage2, Stage3. In order to participate in Stage2 or Stage3, the player need to be qualified, usually top few players at the tournaments. Or the player can pay money for the direct buy-in. The player can also take part in online sattelite with cellphone devices. PokerStars mobile: iPhone/iPad Pokerstars mobile: Android
About Japanese representative Players Japanese representative players will be invited to live poker tournament held by PokerStars. Please make sure that players can not either change the tournament invited or covert the prize into money. If the player can not participate in the tournament, the players can not change the tournament or get a refund.

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